Special Audio Bonus: Essential Pathways to Living a Magical Life

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Special Bonus from Lorraine Cohen and Powerfull Living

Bonus #1 Essential Pathways to Living a Magical Life

During this historical time you might be experiencing many changes in your business, relationships, health and finances. How to align with the profound changes happening in the world today?

In this inspiring conversation from “Manifest Everything Now” Teleseries with host Kristen Howe and guest Lorraine Cohen you will learn:

  • The REALationship between forgiveness, scarcity, and abundance
  • Unconscious ways you might be creating lack and what you MUST do to tap into your true nature of WEALTH
  • How to distinguish your soul and mind voices to connect with your Sacred Self
  • Five ESSENTIAL pathways to living a magical life
  • One critical shift to begin making fear your friend

“I’m listening to this mp3 interview about fear, lack and the relationships between money and father figure. I’m having so many a-ha moments listening to this. I especially like the way you describe listening to fear, thanking it for trying to protect me via the ego, and then letting go of the excess of that energy, so that I keep a small percentage of it, to keep me in balance. You’re right about the fact that if one has no fear, then one can wander into dangerous situation. It’s good to listen to gut instincts, and to go to the intuition where the peaceful resolutions are to be found. Thank you for a wonderful and uplifting interview.” - Sharon D.

This is one of Lorraine’s most powerfull interviews! 

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