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self-love. Art Elena RayUse this 60 minute session to dive deeply into self-love and self-care to transform past emotional wounds into wisdom, compassion, and power. Clear emotional and mental blocks, relationship challenges, health issues, and any other burdens to your heart.

Focus on forgiveness, fears, self-love, mother/father issues, self-worth, faith and trust, unresolved trauma/hurts from childhood (and past lives)….that affects EVERY area of your life: relationships, health, money, business success, well-being and soul journey.

Use the session for a past-life regression to uncover unresolved old  patterns, traumas,and emotions that are affecting your current life reality. Regressions provide opportunities to energetically clear patterns through ancestry and lineage as well as through dimensions of time and space. Or choose a progression to connect with your future self to co-create the life you want in alignment with your passion and purpose.

Laura FBI’ve worked with Lorraine Cohen on many levels of emotional and energy work and can say without a doubt she is plugged in & excellent at what she does! She has a knack for understanding nuances to emotional and energetic blockages that often get missed. I can HIGHLY recommend Lorraine, knowing she continually and professionally maintains the highest and best good of all those she works with and impacts lives in powerful and meaningful ways! ~Laura Lum Corby, D.PSc. Healer, Trainer, Coach, Writer, and National Speaker



EdieI can vouch for how powerful your work is in this area. The session I had with you a few months ago brought forth many insights about my choices and relationships.~ Edie Weinstein




JoannaI am so grateful for her skill as a facilitator of present and past life healings and the letting go and growth that has come from these sessions. She has helped me beyond measure on the ongoing path to finding and owning who I am and of letting go who I am not, letting go of judgement and finding compassion and love, finding connection to God and understanding that this is an ongoing journey rather than an end result. I’m quite sure it was no accident that I “found” Lorraine and I can’t wait to see what our ongoing work will help to nurture in 2015 and beyond. ~ Joanna, Australia



My toolbox includes: Hypnotherapy, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Theta healing, soul guided transformation processes and energy activations in concert with the Divine that is designed just for you.

I’ll assist you in restoring your innate value, purpose, self -love and personal connection to Source, Creator, God; to turn your life into play so you can create their boldest, most abundant, and meaningful life.

And if you are sensitive to energy you may feel the support of the Divine, your guides, the Angels and Higher Realms.

Schedule your appointment by phone or Skype.

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goddess LightHigher Realm Healing - This work is an evolved version of Quantum (Life Force Energy) Healing work. As a Higher Realm Healer I work with symptoms/issues you are experiencing in your physical body, and any emotional or mental patterns that you find yourself experiencing; since the emotional and mental patterns are only one step away from becoming manifested in the physical body.

With this insight of what is happening for you, I call upon the Divine, Ascended Masters, Angelic Guidance, and Higher Realms who I lovingly call, “My Band of Bad Asses” to bring you relief and comfort in your processes so that you can move forward in the light and Divine health.

This beautiful work allows you to go on with your life while I spend time in deep connection to orchestrate this flow to you. I have created a method where this is not just a one time release of a symptom, the energy is sent to you with an initial 8 hour constant dose of healing at a pleasurable pace, followed with 8 days of time released healing and then continue with energy streaming for that layer of healing as needed, like tapping into your own cosmic healing bank!

In this process I am actually setting a start and stop point so that your own body/mind/spirit knows what works for it in a way that works for you. This way it is never too much or too little; and is always guided with Higher Realms assistance. It is your own body/mind/spirit that will turn it on and off for you.

The intention of this healing energy is to work both on the core and the symptoms level for massive shifts and relief very quickly while bringing gentle and loving awareness of it’s purpose. It is not unusual for symptoms to become more intensified before releasing. Be open to the ways messages come to you to help you understand how the experience is serving you to grow and evolve.

I know this work is great. It has it’s own consciousness; it’s own intelligence that gets to the heart of what is most needed for each person. I know this work…. works. I know people will benefit greatly by taking advantage of it. I know it is of pure Divine energy - there is nothing else I need to know. This energy is available to everyone.

Each person’s experience with healing energy is individual. I do not guarantee specific results or claim that this energy transmission will be a “cure” for you. Be open to receive and allow the energy to serve you in the highest way.


Mia Saenz 1Higher Realm Healing is an amazing experience. If you are sensitive to energy you will be blown away.

I had my first healing experience with the Higher Realm Healing and Lorraine Cohen during an illness of Influenza B. My doctor told me I had a severe case and that people do die from this. I was in bed for four weeks, total. When Lorraine did this amazing healing session on me, I had just been diagnosed with secondary Sinus Infection. I was a mess.

I literally had been in bed for weeks and my office closed down during this time. After the initial healing session, I began to shift. Within two days I was upright and moving freely. That Monday, I opened my office and was able to return to my 60 hour work week.

I had another healing session with her three weeks later because I wanted to be aware of what it felt like. I could feel the love pouring into my chest. With my eyes closed I felt the most glorious light shining upon me, and of course my energy hand heated up.

This Divine channel that Lorraine has tapped into is Quantum and above. This is brilliant work and I was so honored to have this healing within me, Body, Mind and Spirit were connected.

Thank you, Lorraine for sharing this gift with the world.~ Mia Saenz, Spiritual Self-Love Teacher, Healer, Media Host and Editor-in-Chief - BellaMia Magazine


AshleyHigher Realm Healing with Lorraine Cohen. Wow. Just wow. Lorraine was able to successfully tap in and direct high octave quantum healing energies that helped me in a time of crisis. I was experiencing a combination of physical, mental, and emotional symptoms that had me reeling and feeling completely overwhelmed and on the verge of insanity. I am an otherwise grounded and passionate person with a very strong connection to my own inner guidance and higher frequencies of healing energy. Yet, I found myself in an extremely unbalanced state.

First, Lorraine gave me a very helpful phone consultation that helped prepare me for the energies that were going to be sent to relieve and help rebalance my energy fields. The next day, she tapped in and sent the quantum energies my way, and I was immediately relieved! It was as if I was coming to myself again. That very same day, I began receiving very strong messages and guidance on how to heal myself further and continued to receive these messages and promptings for several days. This included specific guidance on how to use my work with Sound Healing to rebalance myself and my husband.

Whenever I would open myself and ask for more, as she had instructed, I would immediately receive more guidance. Our team of helpers is always waiting to assist, and Lorraine has certainly discovered a way to call them in! It has only been 5 days since the initial remote healing session and I eagerly await what the next few days hold for me. Thank you Lorraine for this powerful experience! - Ashley Cash, Singer, Sound Healer, Musician, Artist - Woven Green, ONE LEAP


JesseAfter about 2 weeks of dealing with a pinched nerve and what appeared to be a slight dislocation in my shoulder, I shared with Lorraine the discomfort I was experiencing. The pain was distracting me from being able to work. Physically my arm was weak, affecting my ability to work and it was difficult to rest some nights. She offered up her wonderful modality of Higher Realms Healing and wow what a difference. What I found particularly beneficial was that it wasn’t just a “quick fix” or “symptom fix” but the energy healing would kick in every time the “pain” would surface or discomfort happened. Almost like getting the most soothing massage and comfort from the purest light. My whole being was washed with ease, peace, and comfort. Very few people are able to work on me; but this was a big WOW! It is so unusual for me to get these kinds of results! The immediate relief, followed by the continual energy assistance coming only as I needed in just the “right” way was unlike anything I have experienced. This is something you will want to check out. ~ Jesse Ann Nichols George ~ Code Interpretor


Jim CashLorraine is an extraordinary lady who has deep insight and amazing healing gifts. Upon my first conversation with Lorraine, I could feel her love, faith, and joy for life. It is these qualities that not only make her genuine but also powerful, and capable of channeling and transmitting higher vibration healing energies.

What Lorraine did for me, was to help see me into the light amidst some major challenges that had manifested into very acute physical sensations and discomfort, accompanied by intense psychological stress and uncertainty. I had been feeling like I was losing myself, and battling with my mind’s wanderings, thinking I must be dying and that my time must be coming up. She reassured me, that what I was experiencing was not “happening to me,” but rather, “happening for me,” and to “trust in the brilliance of my higher self,” and not fall into the trappings and limitation of the mind which can create doubt. This was a major shift, which helped to create an opening through which Lorraine’s quantum healing could come through.

Lorraine shared her story of how she overcame and survived stage IV cancer multiple times, all through love and faith. Knowing that helped put my mind to ease, and reset my state of consciousness to that of courage and conviction, allowing for love, to create miracles. And that is precisely what Lorraine provides through her higher realm healing. For this, I’m forever grateful. ~ Jim Cash, Songwriter/Guitarist at Woven Green and Owner/Guitar Instructor at Potomac Falls Music, LLC


KariI recently purchased a Higher Realm healing from Lorraine and it was very powerful. I was going through a difficult time with emotions, see-sawing between fear, guilt and grief. Feeling such a heavy heart. Following the healing, these emotions escalated. And I mean escalated to the point of almost overwhelming me for a period of about 3 days while releasing in waves! And I am now able to remain peaceful, for the most part while I continue to heal and stabilize.

Lorraine is a very compassionate healer. Her voice is so soothing and I often feel enveloped in love. She is truly a joy to work with. I absolutely recommend working with Lorraine!! ~ Kari Kammerzell


This session is done remotely and includes a brief pre-chat and follow-up via phone or Skype. You will be contacted via email to schedule an initial conversation.

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